Sustainable and Green Product Manufacturing Intern 2023/2024

Full Time | Atlanta, GA, United States | Posted: 08/31/2023

About the host company

Located in Downtown Atlanta, Green Boom is the leading manufacturer of 100% biodegradable oil-only absorbents. Founded by scientists from Georgia Tech, our products not only function as oil spill cleanup sorbents but provide an end-to-end solution to oil spill cleanup and waste disposal. Our sorbents also decompose the absorbed oils in-situ and leave no trace of the oil spills they clean. Take the opportunity to join a start-up company with rapid growth and tremendous potential. Affect Green Boom's operations while making an important, sustainable impact.

Job Description

  • Integrity in all you do.
  • We expect a culture of challenge and entrepreneurship. We are a team that works closely together everyday and has no hierarchy. Our expectation is that you help us create a culture of respectful challenge, regardless of title, so that the customer gets the best product we can deliver.
  • Map out a comprehensive sustainability cycle for Greenboom products from sourcing to composting in a manner that a customer can understand but also including all aspects of the sustainability platform from Green Manufacturing to CO2 emissions etc.
    • Expectations:
      • Create a few Powerpoint slides depicting the sustainability cycle for customer presentations.
      • Create CO2 emission certificates with the help of Co-Founder so we can show customers the impact they are making by buying Greenboom.
  • Create a map of all compostable sites in the USA with addresses, contact information, sustainability messaging and any other pertinent details.
    • Expectations:
      • Map is completed within 45 days of the start date.
      • Pipeline of activity in of compostable sites and email/phone contacts as uncovered.
  • Create relationships with all compostable sites so that the following is achieved overtime:
    • Expectations:
      • The compostable sites know Greenboom and who to contact.
      • GreenBoom has relationships with the top 10 regional sites in the USA.
      • 2-3 large regionals agree to create a partnership with Greenboom
      • All data must be inputted in

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