For US Trainees

Calling US Talent

Sweden welcomes job seekers from abroad, including from the United States. The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, SACC-USA, is looking for technology & business candidates to join Swedish companies for traineeships up to 18 months.

Why Sweden?

  • Sweden is a leader in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Our partner companies are at the cutting edge of their field
  • Each position comes with a detailed plan for what you will achieve professionally during your traineeship
  • Sweden offers great working conditions – and a healthy work/life balance
  • Swedish core values are inclusiveness, equality, and a flat management style – in combination with a strong work ethic


  • Bachelors degree or higher in technology, business or similar
  • Or equivalent experience
  • U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident with passport or foreign student with F-1 Visa
  • Pay the fee for Swedish work permit for training, SEK1000 (approximately $105) 
  • Passport
  • Knowledge of the Swedish language not required

We Are Here to Help

  • SACC-USA will assist with application for Swedish work permit
  • AmCham will provide a business network for you while in Sweden
  • The Swedish Institute will provide orientation for living and working in Sweden

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