Application Process

1. Matchmaking

To utilize the SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program matchmaking feature, please fill out a Host Interest Form (online form available in menu). SACC-USA will then initiate a search for suitable candidates and forward resumes for your review.

If you already have a candidate and there is no need for matchmaking, you can go directly to the visa application in section J-1 Visa Downloads/Host.

2. Visa Application

Once you have selected the right candidate, you will need to present the candidate with an Training Offer and write a Training/Internship Placement Plan (DS-7002).

SACC-USA will then assist your candidate with the visa application. We will issue the document DS-2019 which the candidate takes to the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm to receive the J-1 visa.

3. Time Frame

Once you have identified your candidate, the entire visa application does not have to take more than a few weeks.

4. Practical Details

The intern/trainee is responsible for obtaining health insurance for the duration of training. Usually, the intern/trainee will find housing on his own using tools such as Craig’s List. Your input regarding safe or convenient areas is appreciated. If public transportation is available, the trainee will most likely use that. In the absence of public transportation, the trainee may have to rent or buy a car.

5. During Training

A SACC representative is always available for assistance during the training period.

6. Evaluations

The host company is responsible for submitting a mid-point evaluation and a final evaluation to SACC-USA..
Host Mid Point Evaluation
Host Final Evaluation

Talent Mobility Contact

Talent Mobility Outreach Associate 
[email protected]
House of Sweden
2900 K Street NW
Suite 401
​​​​​​​Washington, D.C., 20007
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Trainee Program Application ProcessTrainee Program Application Process