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Swedish Talent for U.S. Business

The SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program provides U.S. companies with highly qualified trainees from Sweden. Consider this a cost-efficient way of accessing Swedish talent and technology while adding some cultural diversity to your office. For the trainees, a training program in the U.S. is the opportunity of a life time. Talk about win-win!

SACC-USA is a designated J-1 visa sponsor of the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program which promotes educational and cultural exchange in order to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. Use of the Exchange Visitor Program for regular employment or other work purposes is strictly prohibited.

The SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program and J-1 visa service can be used for everything from a summer internship for a student from Sweden to a longer training program for someone who has just graduated to an 18-month visa for a Swedish employee in a rotation program.

5 types of Trainees:
  • Trainees who have found a host organization with SACC-USA’s help
  • Trainees at SACC Regional Chambers
  • Trainees who have found a host organization on their own
  • Swedish students writing their Bachelor or Master´s theses for a U.S. company
  • Employees of Swedish companies who need to go to the U.S. for training with a mother company, subsidiary or business/joint venture partner

What the SACC-USA Talent Mobility Program Does

Makes it easy for companies and trainees to find each other:
  • We post available trainee positions on this web page
  • We publicize positions through channels in Sweden
  • Trainee candidates apply through this web page
  • We forward suitable resumes to the company for review
Facilitates personnel exchange between Sweden and the U.S.:
  • Swedish companies with subsidiaries or partners in the U.S. use the J-1 visa for employees in training programs up to 18 months
Promotes knowledge transfer between Sweden and the U.S.:
  • U.S. companies get access Swedish technology and know-how by hosting a trainee
  • The trainee will bring back U.S. expertise to Sweden
  • Swedish students write their theses for U.S. firms
  • U.S. students write their theses for Swedish firms
Fosters entrepreneurship:
  • The J-1 visa can be utilized by joint ventures or partnerships between the U.S. and Sweden
  • It can also be used strategically to train a person for a U.S. company’s entry into Europe
Engages young people in international business:
  • Today’s trainees are tomorrow’s business leaders
  • Your current trainee may become your best customer or ambassador in Sweden or wherever else in the world her career will take her

Talent Mobility Contact

Talent Mobility Outreach Associate 
[email protected]
House of Sweden
2900 K Street NW
Suite 401
​​​​​​​Washington, D.C., 20007