How to Finance an Internship

Scholarship & Internship for Academic Credit

Internship for Academic Credit

To finance an unpaid internship, some Swedish Universities offer distance courses for academic credit (CSN-eligible). In other words, you first find the internship and then you get it approved as a course of study. Examples of distance courses are:

Göteborgs universitet, Kvalificerad arbetspraktik med samhällsvetenskaplig inriktning, 30 hp

Göteborgs universitet, Kvalificerad arbetspraktik med humanistisk inriktning, 30 hp

Malmö högskola, Globala Politiska Studier, 30 hp

Karlstads universitet, Mediepraktik, 30 hp

Stockholms universitet, Praktikkurs 30 hp 

Örebro universitet, Praktik för humanister, 30 hp

Scholarship availability

There are good possibilities to seek and receive individual funding from external resources. Most scholarship foundations have some prerequisites about place of birth, heritage, etc. The best way to find these scholarships is for the trainee to contact the City or County Council or banks in your hometown or city of residence.

Below you will find addresses to organizations that have scholarships for trainees abroad, some are general, some are for trade associated traineeships. This list is not complete, and is only intended as a starting point for you.

Fonden för Exportutvecklingen:


Global Grant:

Länsstyrelsernas gemensamma stiftelsedatabas:

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