Event Marketing Manager Internship, SACC LA, Fall 2024

Full Time | Los Angeles, California | Posted: 29/02/2024

About the host company

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA) is looking for three self-motivated and driven Marketing Manager Interns focused on different key areas. This is a 6 or 12-month internship beginning in July 2024. The application opens in March and the application deadline is Sunday, April 14th. The recruitment process is continuous.
SACC-LA is the #1 preferred network in Los Angeles, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. Our mission is to create an effective network that enables innovative and creative exchange and enhances business opportunities between Swedish and American companies and individual talents in the Los Angeles area. For us, it is equally important to build strong relations with our members, as it is to actively search for new members that can expand and add value to our network.

As a Marketing Manager Intern at SACC-LA, you will collaborate closely with the Board of Directors, who are all well-established within creative and innovative industries and know how to navigate in LA. This internship gives a unique opportunity to build an extensive network, engage in managerial work and perform strategically important tasks while partaking in effective teamwork. In your role you will have responsibilities vital for the daily operations.

Event Marketing Manager Internship

  • Event planning: Event Marketing Managers play an important role in planning SACC-LAs events and keeping a close relationship with current members, as well as expanding the network. You will be involved in various events and marketing projects. This role consists primarily of organizing and planning the events with the assistance of the other Marketing Managers. Budget for and control various Chamber events as well as routine administrative tasks.
  • Newsletter: Write short articles for SACC-LA’s weekly newsletter, with a focus on happenings. Also, do proofreading of articles together with the rest of the team.
  • Membership Maintenance and Recruitment: Keep a close relationship and serve SACC-LA’s existing members, as well as continuously extend the network by recruiting new members.
  • Sponsors: Handle and build long-term sponsorship relationships with potential sponsors and negotiate sponsorship deals. Be a helping hand for monitoring and making sure sponsorship deals are followed through.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates are welcome to apply for multiple positions at SACC, it's important to highlight that accepting an offered position and subsequently accepting a second position at SACC is not allowed. Doing so will result in disqualification from both positions.


This is a six-month internship starting in July of 2024. The internship does not provide monetary compensation as SACC-USA is a non-profit organization. As an intern abroad, you can apply for scholarships. Depending on the university program, some students may also be eligible for student aid from CSN. SACC-USA will assist with the visa application process. To be eligible for a J-1 visa, you must be a Swedish citizen. This position provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience and business-related skills, while also developing a professional international network. Working in a highly inspirational atmosphere and collaborating with industry leaders and professionals across various business sectors will allow you to acquire new experiences and enhance your skills. You will gain insight into how business is conducted in the U.S., as well as improve your English speaking and writing skills. Developing an understanding of U.S. customs and culture and becoming adept at cross-cultural communication are invaluable skills for your future career. Seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain a competitive edge—both in Sweden and internationally.

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Job Information

Client Name
The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce LA, SACC-LA

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Duration of training period
6 months

Start Date 
July 2024 


Los Angeles

Application Deadline
April 19, 2024​​​​​​​


United States 

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Contact Person
Siri Persdotter Carlsson

Contact E-mail
[email protected]​​​​​​​