SACC Summit

The annual SACC Summit is a key event to support and facilitate economic expansion and business between the United States and Sweden. Not only is the U.S. Sweden’s largest trading partner outside the EU, Swedish companies also create over 350,000 job opportunities in the U.S. In addition, Sweden is one of the largest investors per capita in the U.S.

Upcoming events: 
2023, September 12-14: SACC Detroit 

2023, September 12-14

Detroit, Michigan
SACC USA and SACC Detroit welcomes you to SACC Summit 2023 in Detroit, Michigan at Autoliv. This year´s Summit will highlight the automation and digital manufacturing and will be held in connection to the North America Interational Auto Show, NAIAS.

2022, November 3-4 

Florida, Fort Lauderdale


​​​​​​​Photos from Day 1
Photos from Day 2 

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Photographer: Åsa Johansson Bagley, SACC Florida                                                                              
H.R.M. Madeleine of Sweden &
​​​​​​​Per Cedergren, SACC-Florida                                                                        

Keynote Speakers

Jonas Ridderstråle 
Business speaker, thinker & author
Andrew Dunn
President at Mobile Guarding Division North America at Securitas
Jasmin Utter
General Manager Region Americas at SAS – Scandinavian Airlines
Fredrik Klevenfeldt
​​​​​​​Director Brand Marketing Communications at Volvo Trucks, North America
Anders Gustafsson
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Senior Vice President Americas & President and CEO of Volvo Cars USA
Christer Otterström
CEO, Hummeltorp Sverige AB
Björn Arvidsson
Minister Counselor, Head of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden
Lasse Svensson
Account Manager EV at Autoliv, North America
Riccardo Opperman
Managing Director, Wärtsilä North America Inc
Stephen Jordan
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CEO at Institute for Sustainable Development

2021, November 2-4 

Arizona, Phoenix


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Photographer: Disa Cronsioe, SACC USA                                                                          
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