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What we offer

SACC-USA is proud to announce our new partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech). The partnership involves an “International Practicum” with MBA students from the GaTech. The Practicum is a strategic consulting project of your company’s choice to be executed in the spring of 2020. For the first time, Sweden has been selected as a location for the Practicum, providing a unique opportunity for Swedish companies to engage with and utilize international top talent from GaTech in a consulting project for the benefit of your business.

Why choose GaTech?

The International Practicum is part of the MBA program of the Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a world-renowned technological research university in Atlanta, Georgia (the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 Headquarters in the U.S.). Strategically positioned at the intersection of business and technology, Scheller College of Business is internationally-recognized as a leader in business education grounded in a comprehensive understanding of how technology advances impact how business is conducted.

Examples of projects

The course and project provide your company and four Scheller MBA students with a mutually beneficial consulting experience. The project can take many forms, such as investigating the strategic challenges of expanding into a region like North America or evaluating domestic opportunities and bringing a different perspective to your business. The students will work with your leaders throughout the project, reporting on progress as scheduled and reviewing preliminary results when they meet your team in Sweden in March 2020. The final report of results will be delivered in April/May 2020. Please review the details below that reference the three components of the International Practicum.
 Benefits to your company
  • No fee for your company (however, financial support for the students is appreciated).
  • 4 MBA students assigned to your company project of choice.
  • 180 hours/student allocated to the project.
  • Recruitment opportunity for your company in the U.S. or Sweden.
  • SACC-USA will support you in a highly simplified work permit process.
If you would like more information or any questions, please contact us here. Please also confirm your commitment latest September 15, 2019, with final project definition in December 2019.

Project Timeline:

Component 1

Is conducted at GaTech prior to the international residency. During this segment, students are given an overview of the historical, cultural, political, and economic situation in the country in which the residency will take place. This segment typically utilizes university faculty, business executives, and diplomatic staff and other knowledgeable persons who brief students on topics such as the history, culture, political system, language, economy, and the business situation in the residency country. Teams also commence preliminary research for their clients and, with their clients, develop a statement of work.

Component 2

The students visit the residency country, usually for one week. During this time, they visit a variety of businesses and Non-Profit-Organizations and are briefed by government officials and academics. During the residency, student teams have in-depth meetings with their clients. They will have the opportunity to present their progress and get valuable feedback and direction. At this time, they also get first-hand briefings about the company.

Component 3

Upon return to GaTech, the third component of the course begins. At this time, the teams continue extensive research to meet the objectives of their client firms and fulfill the statement of work. Upon completion of the research, the teams prepare a detailed written report and presentation. The report and presentation (PowerPoint with a voice-over) are course deliverables. Teams are required to submit electronic copies of the final report along with the PowerPoint voice-over presentation. Final deliverables will be shared with the project sponsor in a time and manner appropriate to the nature of the project and the wishes of the sponsor.
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