AIFM Management AB

AIF Management is a Swedish based Alternative Investment Fund Manager specialized in Private Equity Fund structures. AIFM also provide financial reporting, risk management, regulatory advisory and accounting. AIFM is established in Sweden and managing several AIF and UCITS- funds including NAV, administration and financial reporting under European Financial Supervisory. AIFM focus on the American investors and an establishment of an overseas office in US. For more information:

About the European AIFM-directive

After the financial crisis of 2008, the European Council and Commission decided that all relevant actors in the financial markets should be properly regulated and monitored. Since most managers of Alternative Investment Funds were previously unregulated, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) was formed.
Alternative Investment Funds, or AIFs, are defined by the Swedish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (2013:561) as a company for collective investments, which receives capital from a number of investors to invest in accordance with a stated investment policy for the benefit of its investors. The consequence of this decision is that many previously unregulated fund managers, such as managers of Private Equity funds and Real Estate funds, are now regulated and must seek authorization by the Financial Supervisory Authority (SE: Finansinspektionen).

Summary of the Trainee Position

The trainee will get an introduction to the regulatory framework covering the European asset management industry. The focus will be on learning about the various EU directives such as the UCITS-, AIF- and MiFID-directives and to see how those shape the organizational structure of the European asset management industry. There will also be an introduction to the new EU capital requirements regulations.

The trainee will also learn about Swedish entrepreneurship, European business administration and business development in northern Europe. The trainee expects to support and work closely with management and AIFM´s establishment in USA.

Examples of daily routines and duties:
  • Net Asset Valuation (Back Office)
  • Studies of capital flow restrictions between US and Europe with focus on mutual funds (UCITS and AIFM)
  • Financial reporting (Standard reporting to European Authority covering UCITS and AIF-funds)
  • Market research of potential Private Equity firms to target with AIFM-services in US
  • Fund raising co-operations and strategy in US.
  • Studies of the implications of the Dodd Frank Act changes of U.S Investment Advisers Act for foreign advisers Distributing Fund shares in the US.
AIF Management AB together with the trainee will form an individual schedule with high ambitions.