Requirements and Costs

Host Company Requirements

A Host Company in Sweden should meet the following requirements:
  • The Company confirms that the purpose of the work permit is for the Trainee to gain practical and cultural experience in Sweden; the work permit will not be used for regular employment purposes.
  • The Company will reach an agreement with the Trainee regarding compensation, vacation and other employment/training conditions.
  • The Company will write a brief Offer of Training, including what tasks the Trainee will be engaged in and what skills the trainee will learn.
  • The compensation should at a minimum cover living expenses in Sweden.
  • The Company will withhold Swedish income tax on behalf of the Trainee depending on duration of the internship.
  • The Company will report employment of the Trainee to the Swedish Tax Agency using form SKV1160.
  • The Company will pay Swedish regular social fees “arbetsgivaravgifter.”
  • The Company will provide the Trainee with continuous training and supervision.
  • The Company will provide a mid-point and final evaluation of the Trainee’s performance.
  • The Company will notify SACC-USA if any problems arise during the training period or if the Trainee leaves the company for any reason before the end of the training program.


The Matching Process fee and the Work Permit Service fee are suspended for all of 2021. The work permit applicant pays an application fee of SEK 1,500 (approx. $130) to the Swedish Migration Agency.
Matching Process Fee Work Permit Application Service Fee Total
$250 $750 $1,000
The Matching Process fee will be invoiced once five applications have been forwarded by SACC-USA to the Company.
The Service Fee for SACC-USA to handle the application to the Swedish Migration Agency will be invoiced once the Swedish work permit for training has been approved by the Migration Agency.