Placement Agreement

​​​​​​​This Placement Agreement provides information for the Swedish Migration Agency concerning an application for a residence permit for a placement linked to higher education studies, facilitated by SACC-USA.

The objective of this placement is for the Trainee to gain knowledge, practical skills and experience in a Swedish work environment. The Trainee will also share his/her theoretical knowledge, experience and culture with the host company and its employees. Thus, the program encourages two-way learning which benefits both the Trainee and the host company. Such benefits contribute to greater understanding and enhanced trade & investment overall between our two countries.

The Trainee identified below has been offered, and has accepted, this training placement:

The above training placement is facilitated by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce (SACC-USA) as part of the SACC-USA program.

Contact: Cecilia Kullman | [email protected]

Talent Mobility Contact