Member Spotlight: President Hans Cederlund, SACC-Texas

Hans Cederlund won the big jackpot in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as Green Card Lottery back in 2011. Moving from Sweden to start a new life in Houston was a big step for the family but something they have never regretted. Today, he is the President of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Texas (SACC-Texas), and fosters potential for Swedish businesses to flourish in Texas, both financially and strategically.

SACC-Texas is made up of three offices, located in Dallas, Houston and Austin. They work both individually and jointly to promote trade and investment between Sweden and Texas. According to Hans Cederlund, many Swedish companies don’t know the great opportunities available in Texas.

– This dynamic state is ideal for business through a variety of different aspects. Low taxes, which benefit for companies and workers, play a big role in promoting the business industry in Texas. Location is key, as Texas is positioned perfectly in terms of its closeness to Latin America, and its accessibility to the rest of the United States. Good infrastructure makes it easy to travel between other states and countries, reducing time and transaction costs that come with trade.

The chamber supports their members both in terms of service and networking. There is a will among the members to help each other and it’s something that was proven when storm Harvey hit Texas in August this year.

– One of our member’s house got flooded and there was no emergency help on the way, Hans Cederlund explains. The family turned to the SACC-Texas network for assistance instead and we helped the family in any way we could. We are a network where everyone should feel secure, both when it comes to emergencies like this, and any other issues new or old members might face.

SACC-Texas is now looking forward to the business and networking event SACC Summit in Boston, 25-26 October. Hans Cederlund’s plan is to connect with other Regional SACC Chambers and have a meaningful discussion on how to strengthen SACC-Texas. Hans also sees an opportunty to expand his network.

– Sometimes you can feel very small at your Chamber. But during these events, we get the chance to get together with the other Regional Chambers and realize that we are in fact one large team when put together. We can learn from each other and openly discuss what we can do to improve our work.

SACC Summit will feature over 20 speakers from different companies and organizations across the U.S.   Hans Cederlund is especially looking forward to listening and talking to the super entrepreneur Torsten Jansson.

– I think he will have some interesting remarks about the New Wave Group and his expansion in the U.S.