SACC Summit 2017

 SACC-USA and SACC-New England would like to welcome you to our flagship event SACC Summit 2017 – the premier business and networking event that will this year feature the theme: Business Through Innovation.

SACC Summit will gather corporate members, partners, industry leaders and representatives from 20 regional Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce. This year’s SACC Summit will be held on October 25-26 in the vibrant city of Boston, Massachusetts, home to the world’s top universities and research centers in business, tech and life science, among others. The event will take place in the impressive Federal Reserve Bank building and we will conclude with an upscale cocktail reception and dinner at the prestigious Harvard Club in the heart of downtown Boston.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to listen to leading innovators and companies, entrepreneurs and academics from the U.S. and Sweden – network, share insights, plan and decide the future of your organization!




Members, Non-Members, Partners and SACC Regional Chamber Representatives



New Business in New England

In recent years, Boston has become one of the most talked about business centers in the world. Boston has created an ecosystem that is highly conducive to trade, investment, and innovation, making it the third most-invested-in city in the U.S. This session starts with a keynote speech from one on the world’s most renowned Professors, Robert ‘Bob’ Langer, who’s lab churned out more than two dozen companies in the past decades!

The Future of Academia - From Research to Commercialization

Many of the world’s most successful companies had their start in a scientific research lab or a college dorm room, such as Facebook, Dropbox, and Akamai. In this session, learn from world renowned academics and entrepreneurial leaders their secrets to achieving a successful path from research to commercialization.

Perpetual Innovation As a Driver for Success

More and more, companies must regularly innovate their business models and management principles to keep up with the newest advancements in tech, research, and thought leadership. In this session, learn from exciting business leaders how to ingrain innovation at the core of everything you do while you stick to your company’s mission and values.

Food tech on the blockchain and on your doorstep

With sustainability widely recognized as an important consideration to make in business, we will use this session to explore the most cutting edge developments in food tech sustainability. Learn how blockchain, a concept most often associated with fintech, is applied in food tech and why meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and Just Add Cooking have taken over kitchens across the globe.

The Swedish Unicorn Effect - the investors perspective

Apps like Spotify and Candy Crush have captured the hearts of hundreds of millions of users around the globe – especially the U.S. In this session, learn how a country with a population of just 10 million people consistently churns out unicorns that feed the world’s addiction to games and music, and how they have been influenced by American culture. The panel will bring in some of the most well known investors that have personally witnessed and/or invested early in Swedish unicorns.

Keynote speech with Torbjörn Holmström

In the tech-sphere, ‘disruption’ refers to innovations that lead to new markets and value networks after having displaced established leading firms and products. Learn from top tech executives on how they have disrupted their industries and how you can do the same.


Location during day 1Wolf Greenfield, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210

Dinner location: Harvard Club, 1 Federal St, Boston, MA 02110



For SACC Regional Chamber Representatives

Intended for SACC representatives only, Day 2 will feature workshops, talks and discussions on how our network can reach higher ground. The focus will be on the future of our organization and how we can market and support Swedish and American companies through our vast network. The day will conclude with a networking lunch for our SACC representatives, and is expected to host approximately 50 participants.

If you have any questions, please contact or at SACC-NE