Leader in green technology and Nordic cooperation


Hans Janzon took over as president of SACC-San Diego in February 2016 after 30 year of international business experience including 12 years as the CEO of Grolls.  Since joining SACC-San Diego Hans has promoted close cooperation with the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and has continued to develop SACC-San Diego’s long-standing focus on green technology.
Recognizing that both Sweden and Southern California are on the forefront of clean technology innovation, SACC-San Diego has been working since 2012 to bring together American and Swedish cleantech companies in order to promote sustainable solutions for a better future.  Since 2016 SACC-San Diego has organized its yearly green technology indicative, Green Connections in association with the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce.  Like Sweden, Finland is also global leader in sustainability and innovation.  In addition to cohosting events such as Green Connections and business mixers, SACC-San Diego and the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce also cooperate in a joint membership offer through which companies have the opportunity to become members in both organizations.
This year’s edition of Green Connections in May will also serve as an important teaser for a larger conference on green technology that SACC-San Diego will host in November.  One of Hans’ current projects has been to contact a large number of Swedish business organizations in order to organize a trade mission in conjunction with the green technology conference in November.  The team at SACC-San Diego is excited for the conference and believes that it will be an excellent opportunity to network with business leaders and build connections in the environmental technology sector.
Learn more about SACC-San Diego’s innovation Green Connections initiative  here .