Producer and SACC-LA President Gudrun Giddings

Film and TV producer Gudrun Giddings has been an active member of the Swedish community in Southern California for many years. In 2010, she became a SACC-LA board member and then in 2012, took on the role of President and Chair. Since then, she has worked passionately to develop and grow SACC-LA. Gudrun is extremely passionate about Sweden and is committed to promoting Swedish-American business relations. She believes that right now is an exciting time with Sweden doing well in so many fields. In her opinion, increasing global connectivity is enabling Swedish talent to make itself more well known in the U.S.
One of Gudrun’s current initiatives at SACC-LA is to build on the progress that the chamber has had with its young professional group.  Gudrun would like to see more young professional events this year that cater more directly towards SACC-LA’s younger members. According to Gudrun, SACC-LA has excelled at utilizing its proximity to the center of the entertainment industry to raise the profile of their events. Young professional events are no exception and entertainment-related events are exceedingly popular with this group.
An excellent example of one SACC-LA’s high-profile events is their annual Eliason Merit Award Show.  The winner for 2016, international fashion designer Anine Bing was honored at the most recent Award Show on March 22nd.  The 2016 award was the 29th annual award that SACC-LA has given out.  Since the 2016 Award Show was delayed until this March due to construction on the venue, SACC-LA will double up this year and hold the 2017 Eliason Merit Award Show in the late fall.  Other exciting news from SACC-LA is that their member, IKEA Burbank launched the largest IKEA location in USA this past February.  The new store is 456,000 Square feet and designed to meet increased demand for affordable Swedish design in the LA area.

With a large Swedish community in the LA, Gudrun believes that SACC-LA has a lot of potential.  Southern California has the most Swedes and Scandinavian anywhere is the U.S.  Gudrun’s favorite thing about living in LA is getting to meet so many creative people on a daily basis and she believes that the creative environment as well as the weather is a large draw for Swedes.  She is very proud of Sweden and enjoys the challenge of seeking to find ways to grow SACC-LA.
Cecilia Rimér Sangren together with her husband, Academy Award
winner Cinematographer Linus Sandgren and EMA-recipient Anine Bing at SACC-LA’s Eliason Merit Award.
Photo Credit: Helena Gytare
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