The Russia Investigation: A Witch Hunt or A Guilty Administration?

From the very moment of his election, the alleged ties between Trump’s campaign and Russian leaders has cast a constant shadow over the actions of the current administration. The months following his inauguration were plagued with calls from the Democratic party to hold an investigation into these connections. Rather than […]

Barbro Ehnbom – Trailblazer in Life Science and Women’s Networking

Swedish business woman Barbro Ehnbom took the United States by storm in the 1970s as one of the first female executives in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry as well as the first female executive analysist on Wall Street. Throughout her career, her success has allowed her to accomplish many things. In […]

The Future of Technology: Sweden Revamps its Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence

What comes to mind when someone mentions artificial intelligence or robots? For most people, these terms are accompanied by a mythical, dystopian reality far off in the future and disconnected from present everyday life. This view, though widely conceived, is far from correct. This truth behind AI research reveals that growth […]

Google moves in with Sweden

Web giant Google sets its sights on Sweden as it buys 109 acres worth of land in the municipality of Avesta. While the motivations behind this purchase are not confirmed, it is widely believed that this move indicates Google’s long-term plans of building a major data center in the area. […]

Trainee success story: A life changing Internship in Atlanta

Frida Åkerberg was previously a trainee at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia. According to Frida the internship changed her life and opened many doors of opportunities. Not only did she gain work experience as a Business Development Coordinator, she also fell in love with the city of Atlanta, […]

Member spotlight: Ylva Freihofer – Adding value to SACC-DC’s members

Ylva Freihofer is the Executive Director for Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Washington D.C. The SACC-DC Chamber focuses on adding value for their corporate, business, individual and young professional members, and this is done in a number of ways. One important aspect of SACC-DC’s commitment to its affiliates is getting involved […]

SACC Trainee Success Story: Hitcham “Hitch” Larhnimi

When Hicham “Hitch” Larhnimi first came to the United Stated, as a tennis playing scholarship student in San Francisco, he never thought that he would become the Vice President of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in South Florida, neither did he believe that he was going to start his […]