Magnus Penker: -If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist

Innovation360 Group is a company whose mission is to help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs, companies, executives, and scientists all over the world become world-class innovators. Magnus Penker, founder and CEO of Innovation360, is the author of a new book series titled The Complete Guide to Business Innovation, which is now releasing its first book, How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation.

How do you transform inspiration into a repeatable, sustainable process that profits your business amid turbulent markets? The consultants and analysts at Innovation360 seek answers with practical consulting and analysis of innovation execution plans in the real world. Innovation360 was founded in February 2015 in Stockholm. Over the past two decades, Magnus Penker has counseled countless enterprises on making innovation profitable, executing digitization and the global implications of new business models. He was recognized as “CEO of the Year” in 2016 for his achievements in Innovation and Growth Strategies.

While devoting time to helping others, Magnus Penker successfully launched 10 startups and turned around more than 30 businesses throughout Europe. Mr. Penker went through 100 years of innovation research which became a framework for Innovation360 and his new book How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation.

– I hope that the book series will lead to a change in how we view Innovation Management, and provide greater understanding of the systematic work behind successful innovation. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist, says Magnus Penker. We can’t talk about innovation if there is no way to measure it.

How to Asses and Measure Innovation is part of a 5-volume series investigating why innovation is becoming exponentially influential and identifying which elements matter most in transforming creative ideas into practical appliances. Based on hard data from thousands of enterprises and penetrating insights from professional innovation consultants, this volume guides business leaders and innovation practitioners through a critical self-assessment prior to the launch of any innovative project.

Magnus Penker was a speaker at The Swedish American Chambers of Commerce’s annual event in Boston in October, SACC Summit, and gave an inspiriting talk on this year’s theme, Business Through Innovation.

– It is always good to hold conferences that highlight innovation, development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, says Magnus Penker. It was a very enlightening and exciting experience, made all the better by being located in Boston, a great city that has systemized entrepreneurship.

The book series will help innovators establish a sustainable, growth-oriented process that can manage a portfolio of innovations aimed at greater profits and deeper market share. When asked what goals drove his own personal pursuit for innovation, Penker emphasized the importance of sustainability.

– To have a focus on sustainability in everything we do will create a better world, says Magnus Penker.


You can buy How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation here.