Doing Business in the U.S.

The United States is a hub of economic progress, and leads in virtually every high-technological field. With an industrial culture of business, the U.S. has the largest entrepreneurial marketplace in the world; made up of over 100,000 SME companies with which to do business. The U.S. is a prime location for international investment as one-third of the U.S. economy is dependent upon global market trade. Since recent legislation has pushed the U.S. towards “going green”, the U.S. economy is pursuing more biotechnological and renewable resource routes. The U.S. communication system is also a vital and ever-expanding field with over 300 million people in a country 30 times larger than Sweden.

The U.S. strives to provide diversity in the workplace; many SME’s are owned by women and minorities. This equal-opportunity environment allows for a wide business and clientele base. Additionally, the entrepreneurship available in the U.S. employs over half of the U.S. workforce.

With over 3,000 accredited colleges of business, the U.S. provides a competitive workforce (Source: U.S. College Search). Each year there are numerous graduates in the field of business, adding well-educated individuals to the growing numbers of businesses across the country.