Export Guides

As a member of the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce in the USA, you get exclusive access to the knowledge, experience and network of 375 directors of the SACC-USA and regional U.S. SACC chambers. Our network of volunteering individuals across the U.S. and Sweden has 4600 years of accumulated experience in Swedish-American trade and they devote more then 150,000 working hours to serve our members each year.

In order to successfully establish good business relations in another country, knowledge about that country’s current market situation, laws and specific facts about  it’s industries is a necessity. This guide to Swedish-American trade and exports will give you a valuable summary and help you on your future expansion plans in either the United States or Sweden.

Finding your business partners starts with knowing your market and building fruitful networks. SACC-USA listens to our member’s needs and we connect you with the right people. The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce is your bridge between Sweden and the U.S., and we will help you find your future business partners.