Interview with Johan Henriksson

Johan Henriksson, Business Unit President at Skanska Infrastructure Development, sees great potential on the American market but recognizes the importance of identifying the right projects and partners. See the interview from SACC-USA Executive Forum 2017 here.

Craft to dress up the U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams

SACC-USA congratulates Swedish Craft that has gotten the honor to dress up the U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams for the 2017-2018 season! We are delighted over our Swedish-American collaboration and wish the teams all the best for the upcoming season! Photo: Craft Sportwear North America.

Utlandssvenskarnas Parlament 2017

On August 22nd, Svenskar i Världen will be arranging the 6th edition of Utlandssvenskarnas Parlaement (Parliament of Swedish Foreigners). Svenskar i Världen is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1938, engaged with promoting and advocating for the rights of Swedish citizens abroad. This is done primarily through covering, informing and influencing on behalf of their […]

Interview with Jonas Prising

Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO of $20 billion ManpowerGroup, identifies positive changes in the world economy and recognizes the inflow of competent labor force to be a key to future growth. See the Swedish interview from SACC-USA Executive Forum 2017 here.

Congratulations New Wave Group

SACC-USA would like to congratulate our member New Wave Group that had a highly successful National Day last week! On the Swedish National Day, Kosta Boda got to celebrate its 275th anniversary together with their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden. Read the article about the celebrations here.

Interview with Tom Gardner

Interview with Tom Gardner, CEO and co-founder of The Motley Fool, at SACC-USA Executive Forum 2017.  See the interview here.

Interview with Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas

ON SAS’ RECENT EXPANSION AND MOVING TO THE US AS SCANDINAVIAN MANAGER Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas eCurrents had the opportunity to interview Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas at the SAS in DC event at the House of Sweden on March 29th.  Max has been with SAS for […]