Interview with Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas

ON SAS’ RECENT EXPANSION AND MOVING TO THE US AS SCANDINAVIAN MANAGER Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas eCurrents had the opportunity to interview Max Knagge, General Manager for SAS Americas at the SAS in DC event at the House of Sweden on March 29th.  Max has been with SAS for […]

Interview with Caroline Reber

TRAINEE SUCCESS STORY  Caroline Reber, former SACC trainee, Google strategist, and author Originally from southern Sweden, Caroline began a six-month internship in Atlanta in September 2013 after finishing her studies at Stockholm School of Economics. In a recent interview with eCurrents, she explained how important the experience was for her.  In […]

Interview with Michael Andersson, President and CEO of Saab North America Inc.

ON SAAB’S GROWTH IN THE US, OPPORTUNITIES, AND SWEDISH-AMERICAN SYNERGIES IN THE DEFENSE INDUSTRY   eCurrents recently had the opportunity to speak with Michael Andersson, President and CEO of Saab North America Inc.   According to Michael, Saab’s increasing success in the U.S. can be traced back to the decision in […]

Interview with John Atanasio, CEO Alfa Laval Inc.

ALFA LAVAL INC. CEO JOHN ATANASIO ON BUSINESS IN SWEDEN AND THE U.S. eCurrents recently had the opportunity to speak with John Atanasio, CEO of Alfa Laval Inc. John has been with Alfa Laval since 1982 and has served as CEO since January 2011. With more than 130 years of […]

Insights from The President and Ceo of Securitas

Alf Göransson, President and CEO of Securitas, employs around 108 000 in the U.S. which make them the biggest Swedish employer in the U.S. Watch EFN’s interview with Göransson from our event Executive Forum.

Our flagship event: Executive Forum 2016

SACC-USA organized its flagship event, the Executive Forum on May 19 in Washington, D.C. The event turned out to the largest and most successful Executive Forum ever arranged by SACC-USA with over 50 top level executives attending. The full-day event featured a number of highly achieved speakers, such as H.E. […]

Interview with veteran journalist Karin Henriksson

An large number of American books, plays, articles, manuals etc. are translated into Swedish every year. But one ot the most important texts, the Constitution, hasn’t been available until now. Karin Henriksson, veteran journalist in Washington for the daily Svenska Dagbladet and other medie outlets, has just translated it and […]